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GTI Security Consulting Inc.

Privacy Policy

GTI Security Consulting Inc. operates in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, S.C. 2000, c. 5. All client files are stored and protected in accordance with the federal legislative requirements for businesses operating in Canada.
GTI Security Consulting Inc. collects client information in order to provide our customers with quality customer service, and in order to facilitate time efficient billing processes. The majority of our security consulting services being offered in Canada require the payment of a retainer fee prior to the commencement of services being performed by our corporation. Information regarding retainer fees, and other specific details of contractual arrangements and billing arrangements, can be found in your copy of our Service Agreement. GTI Security Consulting Inc. utilizes a standard form agreement for the majority of our service contracts. Modified Service Agreements can be arranged with clientele of GTI Security Consulting Inc. on a case by case basis. Inquiries regarding ongoing contractual arrangements for services should be made to our corporate Legal Division. Requests for accessing a copy of your Service Agreement should be made to our corporate Privacy Officer.
For any current, former, or prospective clientele of GTI Security Consulting Inc., all requests for access to your personal information or your organization's information on file with GTI Security Consulting Inc., should be made in writing to the following mailing address:
Attention: Privacy Officer
GTI Security Consulting Inc.
5420 Highway 6 North, Suite 213
Guelph, Ontario  CANADA
N1H 6J2
Please include your current contact information including an updated residential or mailing address, and a current telephone number in your written request, and a privacy officer from GTI Security Consulting Inc. will be in contact with you.
If you are a representative of an organization, please include your title and position within the organization in your written request.
If you are concerned about the accuracy of your personal information, or your organizational information being retained by GTI Security Consulting Inc., please include details about this concern in your written request.

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